Do you still think that doing an HIV antibody blood test is an enigma?  Do you think only “special human beings” or those with “special needs” or with “special orientation” would need an HIV antibody test?

I am sorry to say, you are thinking the wrong way.  The Foundation has always said: HIV tests are for everyone like you and me, and should be carried out just as regular as your body check-ups.  So simply remove all unnecessary bias now!

Now let’s back to the reality: How does the Rapid HIV Antibody Blood Test work?  How can we read the results instantly but accurately? How long does it take?  Are there any other options besides the “finger-prick test”?

Find all answers in this video now to unveil all the mystery!

First of all, if you keep thinking that doing such a test is costly, you are being misled.  Thanks to the funding by the AIDS Trust Fund, we provide free, anonymous and confidential rapid HIV antibody blood tests.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. Pre-and-post-test counselling service will be provided by a professional trained staff or volunteer;
  2. A blood drop will be taken from your finger tip;
  3. The result will be available within 15 minutes;
  4. If the result shows positive, a conventional test will be arranged for confirmation.

Apart from the “finger-prick test”, a rapid HIV antibody oral fluid test is another option which can also provide a quick result (within 20 minutes).

Again, prevention is better than cure.  The importance of safe sex is still the key and please encourage everyone whom you love and are close to take HIV tests to protect themselves from the HIV virus and transmission of sexual diseases.  For enquiries or for HIV test booking ☎: 2513 0513.

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