The Hospital Authority (HA) announced an incident of software problem in pathological test equipment yesterday (23 June 2019).  Test results for hepatitis, HIV and cancer conducted at Prince Margaret Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital were affected; 108 patients involved were subject to further review on the need for retesting.

HA had installed 13 sets of the equipment, namely Alinity ci-series analysers, at Prince of Wales Hospital, Prince Margaret Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital.  All test results of Prince of Wales Hospital were not affected.  According to HA, there were 102 tests involved at Prince Margaret Hospital, which were mainly for hepatitis and HIV serology testing.  Among those tests, out of 67 tests had been reconfirmed correct; while 35 tests involving 22 patients were subject to further review on the need of retesting.   At Tuen Mun Hospital, there were 92 tumour marker and other tests involving 86 patients that required further review on the need for retesting.  The review by clinicians was underway and the patients would be approached for the necessary arrangement accordingly.  HA further explained that all hospitals would adopt necessary procedural steps in using the equipment to mitigate the issue until the software upgrade is available.  HA had simultaneously reported the incident to the Department of Health for necessary follow up.

The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation pays close attention to the incident.  The Foundation expects HA to follow up the incident and to take necessary actions in order to refrain similar incidents from happening in the future.  Meanwhile, the Foundation awaits HA to approach the patients involved for necessary arrangements as soon as possible.

Photo Credit: Apple Daily

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