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A huge thanks to the Gilead Sciences Hong Kong Limited for arranging a fabulous meeting with the CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Mr Joe Hollendoner, Ms Shannon Weber, the Founder of Please PrEP ME, University of California and Mr John Melichar, a representative of the San Francisco Department of Public Health at the Foundation’s headquarter yesterday.

We exchanged our views on PrEP strategies and heard experiences from the U.S. We then shared our thoughts on Hong Kong’s PrEP service.  During our meeting, the Foundation’s Chief Executive, Eris Lau and her team also briefed the guests on the Foundation’s upcoming PrEP service model.

Although the Hong Kong Government does not have any official timeline for launching PrEP services for high-risk groups locally, with the advice given by the ACA (Recommended strategies issued by the ACA for 2017 – 2021) as well as the effectiveness of PrEP being widely recognized globally, the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (HKAF) is optimistic that PrEP will be made available in the not too distant future for local people in need.

Thanks to the great insights and unique experiences shared by Joe, Shannon and John, we gained a great deal of knowledge regarding PrEP strategies.

HKAF is moving closer to the implementation of PrEP for the Hong Kong community.

We will follow up with more announcements on our progress later so stay tuned!