Facebook Announcement

The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (the Foundation) today announces that the email of our Facebook Page administrator (@hongkongaidsfoundation) was suspected to have been hacked. The operation of our Page will therefore be suspended and we have reported the case to Facebook to investigate. In our experience, it does take some time for Facebook to provide us with feedback so during this “hiatus”, we have decided to open a brand new Facebook Page as we have a great deal of updates and news to share about our World AIDS Day event on December 1st.

Our new official Facebook Page (@hongkongaidsfoundationofficial) is now set up and will replace the abovementioned Page. Please follow us to receive our latest news! Just to confirm, this new Page (@hongkongaidsfoundationofficial) will be the only official Facebook Page of the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation so please ensure you are following the right one!

Even though our new Page is up and running, the Foundation is still very concerned about the hacking incident. As a result, we have stepped up our computer security measures and reminded our staff members to stay alert to computer viruses to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

Below is our new official Facebook Page: