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“It is a great milestone to finally launch our corporate TVC advertisement. It was a demanding task given we have had a great deal of challenges to address, including a new positioning for this advertisement, the need to have a fantastic cast, an outstanding storyline, and the need to find a brilliant production team to realise our vision. And among all these things, finding the right cast turned out to be the most difficult part.

Many people have asked why I chose Siuyea Lo and Lam Ting as the two protagonists. For the male lead who played a young HIV patient, frankly, no actors wanted the part (whom we had worked with before anyway) with the single common reason that they did not want to be labelled as a person living with HIV after this TVC project! At this point, I thought of Siuyea thanks to his superb acting in an RTHK TV programme where, in one episode, he played a shy teacher pursuing a love interest (“Sign Language” S5).

More importantly, he was the only actor who happily accepted this role as a PLHIV-moviegoer without any hesitation.

For the female lead, it was also me who recommended the rising star Ms Lam Ting to Mindshare (our production team). Not only is she beautiful enough to attract a large amount of fans but she also has a certain toughness underneath her girl-next-door image.

I am extremely grateful for their acceptance to play a PLHIV couple; it was not an easy choice I know. They were the great artistes who stepped up to act in order to encourage the public to stub out the PLHIV stigma.

Last but not least, a huge thanks to the wonderful Ms Vivian Chow as our narrator. Her beautiful yet familiar voice truly captivated us all.

A thousand thanks to you, Vivian!”

— Eris Lau (HKAF’s Chief Executive) reveals why she cast Siuyea Lo and Lam Ting as the protagonists.

Watch it on our Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/6BUlt-yzirI

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