We are proud to announce that we have finally obtained a confirmed funding result from the AIDS Trust Fund (ATF) for 2019-2021.

We are grateful for the continuous support from ATF and their trust in us.  4 funded projects will be set to launch starting in May 2019 for two years consecutively including

(1) Empowerment and Support services for PLHIV (aka: Patient Service); target audience: HIV patients;

(2) Man-d Project – HIV Prevention and Sexual Health programme for Men who have sex with Men; target audience: MSM of all ages;

(3) “High Risk Groups”; target audiences: female sex workers, male clients, young heterosexual adults, male members of Ethnic Minorities and other hidden population of people with high-risk behaviours; and

(4) HIV Prevention and Sexual Health Programme for female members of Ethnic Minorities; target audience: female members of EM.

Here we need to mention that “High-risk Groups” project is finally back on the track after being without any funding for the last two years in a row. With the substantial support of ATF, we will continue to provide comprehensive services not only for people living with HIV (PLHIV) but other key populations at increased risk of HIV as well as those who have limited knowledge of HIV / Sexually transmitted disease.

All in all, we will work even harder to empower people to protect themselves from HIV. Let’s join us to end this epidemic and discrimination now!

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