In response to the Budget, we would like to take this opportunity to recommend that more resources be allocated in these areas

 1. Sex education and proper counselling to adolescents;
2. Provision of HIV tests for the general public;
3. Support for AIDS service organisations to foster services for HIV patients and people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS;
4. PrEP Programme via the public healthcare system; and
5. Services and care for ethnic minorities.
While in response to the worrying figures released by the CHP (衛生防護中心), the Foundation’s Chief Executive has shown her deep concern for the health care of Hong Kong’s next generation: “More resources should be allocated to promote sex education and provide proper counselling to adolescents about safe sex. We need to implant a concept in the minds of young people, regardless of their sexual orientation, that they should protect themselves through using condoms and taking regular HIV tests.
Regrettably, we don’t see much in the way of planning for high-risk groups in the Budget and the visionary tactics to cope with early-aged HIV patients have not been addressed.”