To make the education work a comprehensive one, the Foundation targets its services vis-à-vis the characteristics of different groups including the general public, young people and populations at higher risk to HIV infection.


The Foundation implements various educational activities such as district campaigns, open forums, exhibitions, seminars, fair days, and contests to educate the general public in HIV/AIDS and raise their awareness of the infection.

The Foundation has formed a Promotion and Education Team (PET), making up of a group of enthusiastic volunteers. PET implements AIDS education in various districts to enhance AIDS awareness and promote care and support for PLHIV.


Integrated Activities on AIDS and Sex Education for Youth
We believe that education is one of the keys to effective prevention of HIV and have all along been placing great emphasis on preventive education for youth. Hence, we have launched “Integrated Activities on AIDS and Sex Education for Youth”. Through different activities, the programme is aimed at enhancing students’ knowledge of HIV prevalence in Hong Kong and the world; and inspiring them to think about their responsibility as global citizens and establish healthy and responsible attitude towards sex.

If you want to know more about the programme, please get the application form for “Integrated Activities on AIDS and Sex Education for Youth”

Contact: Ms. Candy Chin (Assistant Programme Manager) (Email:

Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)

The Foundation provides sexual health activities for the gay community, such as support group service, sexual health workshop and peers educator project, to raise their awareness of safe sex and develop a positive attitude towards HIV/AIDS. Besides, we cooperate with other LGBT organizations for gay community activities and outreach in related venues and through Internet, to promote safe sex and answer questions about HIV/AIDS.

To know more about our services for MSM, please send email to or use Line APP (Line ID: hivtesting)

Cross-border Travellers

“Set out Happy, Go Home Healthy”- HIV Preventive Education Programme for Cross-border Travellers

With a great increase in the number of travellers commuting between Hong Kong and the mainland which may speed up the spread of diseases including HIV/AIDS. The Foundation has been implementing an education programme titled “Set out Happy, Go Home Healthy” in neighbouring cities.


In collaboration with counterparts in neighbouring cities such as Shenzhen, Macau and Zhuhai, the following activities have been launched:

  • Exhibitions and booths: They are set up in places frequented by cross-border travellers from Hong Kong to distribute educational material including leaflets, tissue packs with condom, and information on AIDS helpline;
  • Surveys: Surveys are conducted to collect the views of travellers on safer sex, sex practice and the project for evaluation and future planning; and
  • Outreach service: Our volunteers will go to bars, saunas and other popular hangouts to provide in-depth intervention for cross-border travellers in particular MSM and clients of sex workers.

Contact persons:
Mr. Johnny Li (Programme Manager) (Email:

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