Chief Executive’s Message

Right from the start, the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation (The Foundation) was born with the mission of limiting the spread of HIV infection in the community and providing support for those infected with / affected by HIV/AIDS.  We have been striving to help Hong Kong maintain a low HIV prevalence and Mainland China accelerate its response to HIV/AIDS.  Over the years, what made us different from others includes our work with counterparts at regional and international levels in the global fight against the AIDS epidemic.

An institution is like a human being in that we are a group consisting of professional workers who have been passionately servicing those infected with / affected by HIV/AIDS.  We need to reinforce our reputation and recognition among the society and on the mainland.  On top of that, we want to keep building up new values and let people know the Foundation is evolving according to continuing changes in our worlds.  For example, advancements in medicine, new trends in patient treatment as well as new standards set up by UNAIDS from time to time are some important milestones for us to keep the march on.

Time is always not easy and our future is filled with various challenges.  Not only is the financial resource limited but also factors that affect the wellbeing of people living with HIV remain uncertain.  As many of you may be aware, more and more people are losing their interest in the discussion of HIV/AIDS issues.  In order to rekindle a long lost concern about AIDS, we need to re-position our strategic direction. With fading attention on AIDS, we will face a much tougher situation as sponsors may go away along with the indifference permeating our society.

We may now be amid the quiet before the storm, as a leading service agent in Hong Kong for the future of PLHIV and with the ultimate mission to curb AIDS, we need to raise people’s spirits.  We need your participation as our sponsors, donors or volunteers.  Your every involvement is so vital to us!

Last but really not least, I always bear in mind this quote by Nietzsche:

“I was in darkness, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise. The first step was a good thought, the second, a good word; and the third, a good deed.”

It just resembles our current situation but it also serves as enlightenment to myself.

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Ms. Eris, Y.M. Lau
The Chief Executive, The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

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