Chief Executive’s Message

AIDS remains an incurable disease. HIV/AIDS has resulted in estimated 40 million deaths and globally 36.9 million people are still living with the virus.

Since 1984, the accumulated number of HIV infections in Hong Kong has hit 9,387 cases. And widely believed by many, in two years, Hong Kong will end up reaching the threshold of 10,000. Even though we will hit this number sooner or later, we can still claim that Hong Kong is an example of an HIV low prevalence area.

In the first quarter of 2018 or from January to March, we had 142 reported cases of new HIV infections; in second quarter or from April to June, we had 154 reported cases, signifying an increase of 12 cases. Compared to the same periods in 2017, we had 202 new infections in the first quarter and 187 new cases recorded in the second quarter.

Comparing the figures from the same quarters of the two years, we may assume that there has been some slight improvement in the situation. At least as of the time of writing this, we have yet to record any single quarter with more than 200 cases of HIV infection. But is that good enough? Is this something we should feel satisfied with? No, there is much more work to do.

Thanks to the joining of forces of many frontline workers across HIV-related charities such as the Foundation, volunteers, doctors, nurses, non-HIV NGOs, our passionate sponsors and the Hong Kong SAR, the infection situation in Hong Kong remains stable among homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual populations. But of course, we should not stop fighting. We have so much more to achieve as we are still far behind our ultimate goal set by the UNAIDS in 2014: the world needs to end AIDS by 2030.

To end the HIV/AIDS pandemic, it is important to discover an effective vaccine, a therapeutic cure and nurture a caring community totally without stigma. We may not be scientists, but we have our own valuable part to play in the struggle. We also need to think bigger and join forces with neighboring cities within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area (大灣區).

“Attention to detail along with persistence will bring ultimate success.” – Heng Fei Zi

Last but not least, we need every one of you to continue to be our sponsors, donors and volunteers. And if this is your very first time reading my message here, please consider helping in the fight because we need as many people as possible to join the global force to turn the HIV tide!

Thank you.

Ms. Eris, S.S. Lau

The Chief Executive, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

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